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Custom Made Bases

These are basefs I have scratch built or have modified and added to.

Here is a Billiken 30 piece vinyl figure kit from Japan. Itfs based on the 1956 B movie cult gThe She Creatureh.

For the groundwork I used air-drying clay which I sculpted footprints and sand mass to suit my shapely base. Once dried and set I sealed, primed and textured. I coated the paint job with clear drying PVA glue mixed down with water and glaze. Then using real sand I coated it tipping the excess off than sprayed it with sealer, Repeating sprinkling and spray sealing a few times.

For the washed up title I had a rectangular resin nameplate that I started with. I cut and sanded around the lettering than joined it onto some Paddle Pop sticks that I shaped and painted to resemble old wood.


As well as real sand I also used tiny real shells. Keeping the base very simple in design and colour was the idea to enhance the paintwork on the figure.

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This is another Billiken kit, this time of the ultimate Universal monster from the 1931 movie gFrankensteinh.

A small compact circular base is all that was intended to keep the overall appearance tall yet balanced. I sculpted the rock and moss out of gSuper Sculpeyh and simply baked it in the oven. Then painted and attached it to a pre sprayed wood turned base.

The rats are a factory paint job that came from another 12h collectable figure, Ifve just used them to decorate the base for now.

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For this base I just added to what was already there. The figure was sculpted by New York artist Moses Jaen, It came with a small piece of rectangular ground with a tree stump and gore heap on it. I wanted to fill out the groundwork to a round shape so I could mount it to the wood turned base which is matching in size to the Frankenstein monster base.

I actually used real stones that were Sikaflexed to the resin. Then I sculpted some large intestine to drape over the human remains and a piece of spine I added from another figure set.

After prep and painting I dressed it with groundcover. I used gWoodland Scenish light green coarse turf with a mix of sawdust and some spice rack herbs. For the longer sprouts of field grass I used paintbrush bristles that I soaked and dried in watered down moss green acrylic paint. To make the dead shrubs I used cleaned and prepared small plant roots. Only using the more eerie shaped roots to give a more cense of death.

After all the labour of love is complete he now is my horror Oscar.

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home paintings murals sculpture covers custom design models bio contact