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62cm X 90cm

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A rendered style, which is very still and timeless for the viewer to read through itfs maze and message. The sacred god like main coarse is holding six symbolic elements.

A lotus for luxurious dreaminess & walking on water,

A Hindu peace pipe for mind travelling & inner soul searching,

Garlic for physical strength & purity,

A four-leaved clover for luck & chance,

Scales for balance & fairness,

A dove for peace & freedom.

The centre of the portrait is an honest heart, which is not always pleasant for itfs surroundings. From the udders draining the milk of life to a system for feeding a society system paying money.

The lower part of this exposure are two T.V type screens, one showing a robot zapping a milk maid symbolizing computers taking over human labour. The other showing the devils hand-pouring milk for the dammed, with a dollar sign on the milk carton the same as the dollar signs on the framing money for milk machine.

The centre is a fantasyland of icon advertisers to masquerade its root of evil intensions.


60cm X60cm

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Eye Candy Trilogy- Piece 1

Exploiting the hyper feeling of spectacle stimulation is the idea for this trilogy.

Piece 1 is a sexploitation film based genre with a super sexual overbite of B-grade advertising. The background consists of original movie posters and lobby cards as well as ads for 3D and X-ray glasses for curves and insight.

The foreground android vehicle is a biomechanical eyeball with grasping Hydra type veins to feed the eyes mind.

The damsel is a pin-up style neo Goth with a branding of restriction to symbolize her selective share.

60cm X 75cm
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Eye Candy Trilogy -Piece 2

This piece emphasizes collective obsession from antique tin toys to fresh flesh. It highlights the temporally moment of an ecstatic score in an unquenchable hunt of self imposed tressure.

To contain the madness Ifve painted it in a Japanese Sci Fi movie poster look with the contrast of a 9 to 5 industrial background to a home base fantasia foreground.

Otaku was my mental state for this canvas, for it to act as a glass faced cabinet to display my fascination range of quirky to slick, making this a unique collective piece in it self.

acrylic on skateboard
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Eye Candy Trilogy- Piece 3

This is the third and final piece in this series. I chose to paint a skateboard deck to give this a dynamic street feel as well as to up the challenge and keep it fresh.

The spiralling Leopard markings for the background focus in on the cat girl super vixen from the scannng skull. The skull has cat eyes and cat scanning brain, giving this a neo 50's B-grade monster movie style as well as tentacles for the collective reference to tie this trilogy up.


65cm X 80cm
acrylic on woodboard
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This is a simple anti advert for nice to your face Tobacco. Labelled Suckers describe the under side of the gripping tentacles to accompany itfs user.

The robot logo in the centre of the packaging is in a suggestive march with 666 smoke swirls from its money for murder cigarette.

The innuendo of lite up your life also justifies the disguise for your discission.

Hell Fire

The Feeding Dead


60cm X 75cm

30cm X40cm

30cm X 40cm

Tattooners karma


Channel Tango

20cm X 25cm

60cm X 60cm
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45cm X 60cm

home paintings murals sculpture covers custom design models bio contact