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Joshua Lee Hagel

Drawing from as far back as I can remember the fantastic, mysterious & obscure lured my open mind. These are important elements that make up the heart of my creative freedom along with energetic skill & craftsmanship.

Growing up favoring Ray Harryhausen films has surged my imagination to an infinitive open and so painting has become an honest escape of inspiration that can be past on to all. Ifve learnt to stay fresh and not let my creative mind grow lazy honesty & technique being the key.

Born in 1970 Brookfield out side of Brisbane I have a very clear memory of my childhood. Growing up in the 70fs lots of my vivid memories are of pictures from Sci Fi & Horror films which I saw in books & magazines. I was always fascinated by the B grade monster movies of the 50fs being atomically activated giant creatures or bulb headed saucer men with bulging eyes. Equally being captured by the seriousness of the gothic Hammer Horror films from the UK impacted my young interest.

I also remember the exciting feeling of looking at hot rod monster art on bubble gum cards and starting to collect Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines in 1979. Later collecting Fangoria & Starlog magazines I was more interested in how they made the films rather than the films themselves especially the model & costume department as I had my own Sci Fi models & Horror masks. This was all fuel for the spark in my eye of drawing & creating.

During the 80fs I was heavily into Breakdancing & street art which put a fresh new twist in my style. I was also discovering more artists through books and focusing more insight on the old masters & their technique. All of these different types of art and even advertising interest have given me a production advantage.

Now married and have two children I continue advancing in drawing, designing, painting, sculpting & model making.

These are a freedom license I never feel a slave to.

Ifm gifted I can bring my pictorial visions to this world so itfs my responsibility to excel.

home paintings murals sculpture covers custom design models bio contact